American Council of Learned Societies
Occasional Paper No. 41

Computing and the Humanities:
Summary of a Roundtable Meeting

Appendix C.

March 28, 1997

Meeting Co-Chairs:

Stanley N. Katz, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University;
formerly President, American Council of Learned Societies
William A. Wulf, President, National Academy of Engineering

I. Toward a common language: methodologies and assumptions in humanities and computer sciences work

Michael Joyce, Vassar College
Bruce Schatz, University of Illinois
Edward Ayers, University of Virginia
Michael Brodie, GTE Laboratories, Inc.
Michael Neuman, Georgetown University and
the Association of Computers and Humanities
Jerome Saltzer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

II. Software and standards development: conditions and mechanisms for productive collaboration among humanists and industry and academic technologists

Joseph Busch, Getty Information Institute
Mary Shaw, Carnegie Mellon University
Camilla Cai, Kenyon College
Thomas DeFanti, University of Illinois, Chicago
Edward Fox, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Michael Lesk, Bellcore

III. Economic and institutional realities, assumptions, and infrastructures

Willard McCarty, King's College, London
Richard Liebhaber, Veronis, Suhler & Associates
Douglas Bennett, President, Earlham College; formerly Vice President, American Council of Learned Societies
Stephen Franklin, University of California, Irvine
Sandria Freitag, American Historical Association
Michael McGrath, Colorado School of Mines
Joan Shigekawa, Rockefeller Foundation
Arthur Tsuchiya, National Endowment for the Arts

I. Introduction and Background
II. Toward a Common Language: Methods and Context
III. Software and Standards Development
IV. Economic and Institutional Issues
V. Next Steps: Talk First to Select Actions Better

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