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Research Group on Center-Regional Identity
- Vladimir Gelman & Theodore Hopf

Research Group on Geographies of Identity
- Mark Bassin & Konstantin Aksenov

Research Group on Religion and Identity
- Marietta Stepaniants & Juliet Johnson
Kunming Research Group: cultural diversity, cultural assets / poverty and resettlement
- Xu Jianchu

Chiang Mai Research Group: counter-narrative on ethnicity / environment / nationalism / citizenship
- Chayan Vaddhanaphuti
Research Group on Boundaries of Identity
- David Bell

Research Group on Migration & Mobility
- Tyler Stovall

Research Group on Color, Culture, & Citizenship
Laurent Dubois
Team Xinjiang,
(affiliated team)
Dru Gladney & Yang, Shengmin
Research Group on Nomadology & State (the Kazakhs)
Wang, Jianmin & Gulixia Tuoyikenna

Research Group on Ecological Adaptations (the Kirghiz)
Yang, Shengmin & Wang, Haixia

Research Group on Discourses & Sedentarization (the Tajiks)
Yang, Shengmin & Wang, Haixia
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